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A Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor by the state of South Carolina. She is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and Board Certified to provide Tele-Mental Health.  She is the owner and Founder of She's Counseling. She is also a Licensed with the State Board of  Cosmetology.  In addition she has advanced training in the treatment of Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) Mrs. Ganzy completed her undergraduate degree with a major in Human Services Management at the University of Phoenix in Columbia SC. Mrs. Ganzy completed a highly competitive internship at the Fort Jackson Moncrief Army Hospital. After completing the internship and practicum, she went to work as a Government Contractor with the Army National Guard as a Transition Counselor.  She continued on to gain a Board license to counsel in South Carolina. Mrs. Ganzy is dedicated to rearing a family, and managing multiple therapy locations along with providing therapeutic counseling to her clients. Mrs. Ganzy has been approved by the State of South Carolina to supply Durable Medical Equipment for Medicaid beneficiaries. Shenna is an approved Supervisor for students looking to obtain their licensure requirements for the Board of SC. 

 Shenna aims to help women and children regain their self esteem and confidence by providing cranial prosthetic hair units to individuals approved with Medicaid. Mrs. Ganzy goal is to help individuals and families see growth along their counseling journey. This is her awesome privilege to work with others on their pathway toward overcoming obstacles in life. Mrs. Ganzy is also a Certified Family Court Mediator with the SC Bar. Mrs. Ganzy is a Certified Juvenile Sex Offender Provider providing risk assessments and individual counseling to children under 17 who are experiencing sexual deviant behaviors. Due to a clients physical limitations, Shenna has gone the extr mile to become board certified in telemental health. You can now schedule virtual sessions in the privacy in your home.

My life has been dedicated to understanding others. I feel very privileged for the opportunity to know my clients well, as I believe the experience of being understood and valued, gives one the freedom to grow. I enjoy working with individuals with emotional struggles whether by hair loss, family issues, or stress. I advocate for each client to be the fully functioning person they aspire to be. It is important to learn to experience both positive and difficult emotions, gaining the ability to connect socially and trust yourself and others. I provide counseling services to adolescents, adults, families, and couples. I work with individuals facing a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, prenatal, postpartum, trichotillomania, relationship issues, career counseling, sexual deviant behaviors and consulting. I utilize an eclectic approach. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focused therapy (SFT). In addition, I have training in helping individuals cope with significant hair loss related to compulsive behaviors or a medical condition.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

  • Holistic Practitioner of Trichology

  • Durable Medical Equipment Provider

  • Certified Family Court Mediator

  • Certified Juvenile Sex Offender Provider

  • Licensed Addiction Counselor

  • Notary

  • Board Certified Tele-Mental Health

  • Trichotillomania and Trichology

  • Parenting

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