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How to Overcome from Trichotillomania Disorder

What do people do to overcome trichotillomania?

People experiencing trichotillomania generally seek help from a behavioral and medical specialist to manage this condition. Many people avoid urges to pull hairs with the right help. When a person stops hair pulling, hair generally grows back. Overcoming trichotillomania may involve a behavioral therapy known as habit substitution, medication, or a combo of medicine and therapy.

Therapy involves learning about hair pulling urges. People with trichotillomania learn to recognize places, times, and situations where the urges to pull hair usually triggered. Therapists also teach patients about replacement habits that can be anything like handling textured objects, drawing, or squeezing a stress ball. The therapists teach people about using new replacement habits to avoid the urge to pull hair. A person can get better with practice at avoiding the urge to pull. With time, the urge becomes weaker and easy to avoid.

If you are experiencing a hair-pulling disorder and worried about the situation, you should talk to your parents, school counselor, or anyone you trust so that can get help overcoming the issue. If you are experiencing mental health problems, it is essential to get help from a professional physician.

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