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Durable Medical Equipment


Cranial Prosthetic Hair Unit

Shenna Ganzy M.A. HPT LPC is now a Durable Medical Equipment Provider with MEDICAID!!!

This mean under your Medicaid Health Plan, you are now able to have your Cranial Prosthetic Unit Paid for. The full cranial prosthesis is a lace wig for persons dealing with long periods of hair loss or have permanent hair loss due to a medical condition. 

Full lace wigs are hair replacement units which offer a natural looking appearance and the feeling of wearing real hair. Medical conditions attributing to hair loss are chemotherapy treatments because of cancer, trichotillomania and alopecia.

A full cranial prosthesis or full lace wig not only conforms to the shape of your head. It also can be parted and styled in any manner desired, as with your real hair. The wig cap construction will accommodate the re-growth of your natural hair following the treatments and has a special non slip material for added security. Wig caps used for full cranial prosthesis can be either full lace or thin skin.


TO BEGIN, Refer to your Durable Medical Equipment Policy under your Health Care Plan with Medicaid

Description: A wig or hairpiece is a prosthetic supply for hair loss and is comprised of a hairpiece of human/Virgin hair worn as personal adornment or to conceal baldness.

Policy: The Plan considers a wig (cranial/scalp prosthesis) medically necessary, when generalized hair loss is present due to one or more of the following conditions: Chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, Radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer , Scalp injury -Third degree burn, Alopecia totalis, Alopecia areata and Congenital baldness present since birth.

Most health Plan considers a wig (cranial/scalp prosthesis) not medically necessary when the above conditions are not met and/or if balding or hair loss is due to. When a service is considered NOT medically necessary

  • Natural aging process,

  • Premature balding at a young age and

  • Male/Female pattern baldness.

Medical conditions which are not a covered diagnosis under this medical policy. We limit the replacement of the original wig (cranial/scalp prosthesis) provided under this benefit to one wig every three years. This benefit, if available in the subscriber’s contract, is to be processed under the medical equipment and supplies benefit with any applicable deductibles and co-insurances, co-payments and subject to any benefit maximums. 
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During your visit to the Trichology Studio, you will meet Shenna Ganzy M.A. HPT LPC a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Cosmetologist and Certified Holistic Trichologist who will help you design your Custom Wig.  


She will be your expert to guide you throughout the process of creating a undetectable wig.


To begin, Shenna will first act as your therapist, listening to your concerns about your hair loss and fears of progressive hair loss. As your Trichologist she will assess your health history and answer your questions related to your hair loss. You can discuss your particular expectations with Shenna who will determine the best course of action to address your unique situation.


As your Stylist, she will gather precise measurements of the dimensions of your head, scalp, and hairline are recorded to make the custom base cap and foundation for your wig. She may also make a mold of your head, if necessary.


The Trichology studio provides exceptional materials, textiles, and lace to hand-craft our foundations and bases. Personal measurements can be kept on file for future orders at your instruction.


Together, you will consider hair color, hair texture, hair density, hair length, and hairstyle. Selection and blends may be based on the best match to your natural hair, or you may opt for a new color and style.

You have a choice of the finest natural hair ethically sourced from all over the world to match any hair type.


African, African-American, African-Caribbean, Asian, South Asian, Indian, Native American, European, and Caucasian hair types are all distinct and we match and blend hair type perfectly for every client.

Shenna constructs each unit using the sewing machine technique in which each hair is affixed individually to the foundation. This method of hand-tying and hand-knotting natural hair to a base, known in the trade as ventilating, produces a unit that perfectly emulates natural hair growth and patterns. A hand-knotted wig flawlessly imitates the appearance of natural hair follicles because every individual hair is affixed with its own knot.
Lastly, During this appointment, you will also learn how to correctly fit your wig on your head, how to properly care for your wig at home, and how to create the hairstyles you want from your wig.

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